Elecroad concentrates on UHF RFID. Through co-operation with Impinj, we introduce the leading RFID products and solutions into ever growing market in Mainland China. We offer our custom technology consulting, equipment selection, field configuration and system integration services.……

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Impinj is the leading provider of UHF RFID solutions for identifying, locating and authenticating items. Impinj draws on its technical expertise and industry partnerships to deliver a wide range of products and solutions, comprising high-performance tag chips, readers, reader chips, software, antennas and RFID subsystem integration. Impinj’s UHF RFID products provide robust performance, integration and cost effectiveness to a global customer base across numerous vertical markets with applications including inventory management, asset tracking, authentication and serialization.
The Speedway xPortal reader, an integrated UHF RFID portal reader, incorporates the industry leading Speedway Revolution RFID reader and Impinjs Dual Linear Phased Array antenna technology, yielding the industrys smallest, most flexible, and cost effective RFID portal solution.
Application environments are dynamic. Everything from RF interference, tag quantity, and ambient RF noise to building materials near an RFID installation affect system performance. Most users configure their readers for worst case scenarios, often compromising best performance in the process.With its innovative Autopilot features, Impinjs Speedway Revolution UHF RFID reader delivers peak performance all day, every day.
At Impinj, we define accurate, reliable, and adaptable solutions as systems of integrity. A system of integrity produces the consistently reliable data demanded as the foundation of any business system. To meet this requirement, high-performance RFID tag chips and RFID readers are a given, but RFID antennas play an equally important role. Reader antennas with characteristics optimized for end-user applications enable the entire RFID system and play a critical role in ensuring that the system operates dependably and accurately.
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